Welcome to Medlin Family Farm!

Here today we are a family owned farm ran by us four boys and our father. We plant and grow multiple crops including corn for our corn crib for all to play in and for those adventurous souls who want to find their way through our corn mazes, cucumbers that are picked straight from the vine to take home, and not to forget sweet potatoes that you can dig up yourself right from the ground of mother nature. Many ask why we started farming our how we came to the idea of it, well it just happens to be all this did not come about overnight. Our Great-Grandfather William Ridley Medlin purchased the land we are farming on in 1887 and worked hard everyday using a one horse plow to farm tobacco and cotton. He raised or grandfather Clarence Medlin Senior in this way of life. As time went on not only did they grow tobacco and cotton, but more numerous vegetables were farmed to feed a growing family. Along with tending fields our Grandfather tended to many cattle, swine, and fowl. As the farm was expanding, he expanded the acreage as well by buying more land on several occasions. In 1937 our father Clarence Medlin Jr. was born and raised as a third generation farmer and has farmed, conserved, and expanded this land for well over fifty years and counting. Still today he owns, farms, and tends to what we have now along with us four boys Clarence Medlin III, Tony, Elvis, and Terry. And not to forget the Medlin family still continues with a fifth generation whom of which includes 7 Grandchildren to Clarence Medlin Jr. We are proud to be a North Carolina Century Farm as well as proud to say we have done what our dad's did.